October 2017

New Application with Hydrocarbons


Natural refrigerant for process cooling system have excellent thermodynamic properties.

Therefore, they are just as good or better thsn CFC or HCFC refrigarants.


A difference between R290 and R134a is found in the pressure level.

Wich closer to R22 ( this old allrounder refrigerant) and R404A (is prohibited):

R290 pressure is roughly 190% of 134a, 81% R404a or alsmost exactly of R22, with +45°C condensing temperatur.


So R290 components will thus have to be designed similer as for R22. Cost -effective solution.

Refrigeration capacity of R290 has roughly 90% of R 22 and 150% of R134a.


HFO Familie as like R1234ze to R134a has 25 -30% lower volimetric capacity at 45°C.

For fabrication of HFO process cooling unite necessary 30% biger dimensign then R134a,

and 40% then R290 (Hydrocarbons)


August 2017



A wide range of process cooling and process heating work seamlessly with state-of-the-art inverter technology and green touch label. Natur conform plants are excellent selection for fabrication with hight demands on quality of product and technology process.


Easy-to-install and service, these outdoor unites are compact constructions.

Large economic benefits of resources from processes,- environment and power supply have a short reinvestment time.

Basically , HEATiS proposing following varianties:


recumate 7pro D - with drycooler

recumate 7pro Ad - with adiabadic cooler

recumate 7pro HP - with hight temperatur recovery

recumate 7pro TFC - cooler with self-drainig function, techncal container

DRY Cooler with adiabadic


Hybrid Dry Coolers

- without water aerosols in the air

- adiabdic with 2,5 bar pressuse.

- cooling panel: aluminum

- fans with EC Brushless motor- the best

energy ventilation efficiency

and energy saving


Juni , 2016



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